SANAD: Outcomes of Micro-Credit Provision to Syrian Refugees

InfoPro was commissioned a study by SANAD. The project was a follow-up to a qualitative segment conducted by the client. The aim of the study was to examine whether there is a need for financial and non-financial services among Syrian refugees in Bekaa, Mount Lebanon, North Lebanon, and South Lebanon. InfoPro’s mission also entailed testing and verifying the data compiled through the qualitative segment, as well as quantify estimates that were provided. InfoPro interviewed a total of 639 refugees residing in the areas under study and specifically assessed their employment status, the sources of income that they rely on, whether they have received any form of business training, the financial services that they currently have or that are unavailable to them, in addition to their potential interest in taking a loan. The data gathered was assessed across age, gender, and mohafaza. InfoPro was also able to identify how many near creditworthy Syrian refugees there were in Lebanon, who with the support of non-financial services could become borrowers in the future. InfoPro was also able to utilize the data gathered to provide the client with a forecast of the market potential among the Syrian refugee population.