Survey Assessing Bank Customers Interaction Channels

A local bank was interested in conducting a study to assess bank customers’ interaction channels and customers’ expectations with regard to their relationship with their bank. They also wanted to evaluate changes in customers’ lifestyles and in the ways of handling financial transactions, and how these affected their interaction with their banks and their disposition to adopting e-banking services. To reach the objectives of the survey, InfoPro conducted face-to-face quantitative surveys with a sample of 500 individuals, 150 professionals, and 250 micro, small, and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs). For each segment, InfoPro assessed their demographic and psychographic profile including their habits with regards to the use of electronic communication devices and social media. InfoPro also assessed their banking habits, the interaction points that they use, their satisfaction level with each interaction point, and any changes which might have affected these channels. The survey also investigated the products / services that they currently have and their interest in adopting new products / services. The findings of the surveys assisted the bank in developing products and services that meet the needs of their retail and corporate clients in the coming five years. The survey also enabled the bank to enhance its relationship with its current customers, increase its customer base, and simultaneously help in developing suitable and effective strategies for the future.