The Effect of Foreign Labor and Minimum Wage on the Labor Market

The study was conducted by InfoPro and its aim was to list all the factors that come into play when considering foreign workers and minimum wage in Lebanon. InfoPro utilized a two pronged methodology which relied on in-depth interviews with companies and in-depth interviews with economic and labor experts. The in-depth interviews with companies helped InfoPro collect information on the salaries given by employers to their employees, in addition to benefits and allowances provided. InfoPro was also able to identify variations in salaries of foreign vs. local labor across skill set. InfoPro also assessed the opinion of company owners to an increase in the minimum wage and its impact on their businesses. While the in-depth interviews with economic and labor experts helped InfoPro evaluate the influence of foreign labor and minimum wage on the economy as a whole and provide broad headlines which assisted InfoPro in its analysis. The study consisted of 350 in-depth interviews with company owners across all sectors, in addition to dozens of in-depth interviews with economic and labor experts.