World Bank and GDS: Value Chain Analysis in six sectors

InfoPro was commissioned a study by Global Development Solutions and the World Bank. The objective of the study was to identify and select two potential value chains for analysis from the following six sectors: agriculture and agro-processing; recycling and waste management; information, communications and technology entrepreneurship; municipal services; construction; and trade and Tripoli port development and trade logistics. This was conducted by collecting background research and figures on the various sectors being covered.

In-depth interviews were also conducted with all key players in order to identify the value chains to be adopted. InfoPro formulated a prioritization assessment matrix which helped in assessing the various sectors with the highest potential using a set of different criteria. The two high potential value chains identified were solid waste and potato. InfoPro’s next step was to identify all entities that would need to be interviewed to create a value chain map. Once several entities/ companies were selected, the snowball sampling method (commonly used to identify value chain stakeholders since, for example, a producer will be linked to suppliers who will, in turn likely be linked to other producers and so on) was utilized to determine which additional entities/companies to interview along the value chain. InfoPro and GDS conducted semi-structured interviews with stakeholders at every step in the value chain, including firms, government, NGOs, industry organizations, and others.