Citizen Satisfaction Survey at the Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance commissioned InfoPro to carry-out a customer satisfaction study in order to assess the satisfaction of the public towards their dealings with the various ministry departments / bureaus. The study was segmented into two phases; phase 1 – entailed conducting in-depth interviews with all department heads of the Ministry of Finance while phase 2 entailed conducting face-to-face interviews with citizens who have dealt with the Ministry of finance on a prior occasion. InfoPro kick-started the project by conducting in-depth interviews with the Ministry of Finance department heads. The aim of the interviews was to identify the services provided by the Ministry of Finance departments, assess the internal and external problems that they face, in addition to mapping the everyday procedures and operations of the various departments / bureaus. Assessments were also carried out to assess the services provided by the Ministry of Finance employees, infrastructure of the Ministry of Finance, websites of various directorates etc. This phase would allow InfoPro to structure the survey for the second phase – the citizen satisfaction survey. For the citizen satisfaction survey, InfoPro interviewed a sample of 2,000 individuals who have dealt with the Ministry of Finance on a prior occasion. The interviews delved into the services that they usually utilize, problems / obstacles that they have faced, suggested improvements, in addition to other pertinent issues. The Ministry was then provided with short and long term recommendations that would enhance their services.