USAID and Social Impact: Economic Growth Assessment Study

InfoPro was commissioned the Economic Growth Assessment (EGA) study by Social Impact, USAID’s monitoring and program management arm. The aim of the EGA was to assess economic sectors that USAID have supported as part of their program in the past couple of years and emerging sectors which might be the focus of USAID in the future. The economic sectors assessed under the mandate were Agriculture / Agri-Food, Tourism and hospitality, Engineering/Construction, Finance, ICT, Environment, Renewable Energy, and Health. InfoPro reviewed all initiatives undertaken by USAID and compiled all economic data pertinent to the economic sectors under study. InfoPro in carrying-out this endeavor relied on some of its own sources. These included published articles in Lebanon Opportunities, The Business Handbook, the Economic Impact of the Syrian Crisis book and which contains an economic overview of some of the sectors under study. InfoPro also relied on its website which contains statistics and information on all sectors in Lebanon. InfoPro focused – in its assessment – on workforce development, trade and investment, and business enabling environment specific to each of the above-mentioned economic sectors. InfoPro also conducted 80 Key Informant Interviews with private sector firms working in the sectors under study and eventually provided USAID with a report across each sector highlighting opportunities for economic growth and specific interventions to be undertaken